The NODA Internship Program: Making Connections Since 1994

The NODA Internship Program matches orientation, transition, and retention (OTR) professionals and host institutions with energetic, dedicated students looking to expand their OTR experience and make lasting connections in the field.

NODA internships encompass a wide range of responsibilities and provide interns with transferable skills such as student staff supervision, diversity training and awareness, welcome week programs, parent and family programs, and program assessment.

In order to log in your MUST be a current NODA member AND pay the NODA internship fee. NODA does not guarantee a match at the end of the program. Both the membership fee and internship fee are non-refundable.

We appreciate your interest in participating in this program. Don’t forget to check out the resources page on our website to best support you during this process - Good luck in your search!

Ready to get started with the NODA 2021-2022 NODA Internship Program?